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Benefits of Waxing

Whether it is a full body wax, bikini wax or a Brazilian wax, waxing is one of those things that could be done at home, but is always best left to the professionals. Not only will you get better results with a professional waxing, the whole process will be a lot more comfortable, and a lot more enjoyable as well.

At Ultimate Soul Esthetics, we are committed to providing the very best quality waxing service in the most comfortable and relaxing surroundings, and we are meticulous about cleanliness, sanitation, and sterilization. We provide a full range of professional waxing services for both men and women, including body waxing for women, Brazilian waxing and bikini waxing, and body waxing for men and men’s back wax.

So, if you are fed up with shaving and tired of the skin irritations that shaving causes, why not have a wax instead? Waxing lasts longer than shaving, it doesn’t create stubble, and there is absolutely no risk of nicks and irritation.

Contrary to what you may have heard, waxing doesn’t have to painful either, and that’s another good reason why you should have your waxing done professionally. In fact, if it’s done right, waxing can be virtually painless.

Waxing lasts much longer
When you have a professional wax, the hair is removed from the root and that will leave your skin hair-free for weeks. When you shave, on the other hand, it only cuts the hairs down to the skin, and that will only last for a couple of days.

No razor bumps
When it’s done properly, body waxing, bikini waxing, leg waxing, or any type of waxing does not hurt very much at all, and it will leave your skin perfectly smooth, without any irritation. If you have very sensitive skin your skin may look a little red for an hour or two after a waxing, but there will be no razor bumps, nicks or troublesome irritation.

No stubble
When you shave, it’s usually only a matter of a day at most before you can start to feel the coarse stubble starting to grow back. When you remove unwanted hair by waxing, your skin will stay smooth for several weeks and, when the hair does begin to grow back; many people find that the hair is much softer and finer.

It leaves your skin silky smooth
Waxing is much gentler on the skin than shaving or using hair removal creams. There are no nasty chemicals in the wax that we use and waxing also gently exfoliates your skin as well, so it leaves your skin feeling soft as well as smooth.

Waxing reduces hair growth over time
The length of time that a wax will last can vary from person to person, but it will usually last from three to six weeks. If you have a wax regularly, it will change the way that your hair grows, the hairs will become finer and softer and, over time, hair growth will begin to diminish.

About Ultimate Soul Esthetics

Cathy Price runs and operates Ultimate Soul Esthetics, a home based Kelowna spa.  She is a Certified Esthetician with more than 10 years’ experience providing a wide range of beauty services. Cathy previously operated her spa on Vancouver Island, before relocating to Kelowna in 2016.

Some of the categories of services offered by Ultimate Soul Esthetics include:

Check out the full list of services or call Cathy today at (236) 420-3320!


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